The pursuit of building brand credibility and equity usually comes a close second to the bottom line (profit), if not number 1 for many corporates today, and rightly so. Through building (and successfully maintaining) your company’s brand cred and equity – you’re guaranteed to be around for the long run.

How? Simply put. An overall solid company rep results in customer and employee loyalty, media and investor buy-in, leading to the traditional bottom line hike. Corporates such as Coca Cola Company, DHL and Starbucks have come out on top in the brand game, rallying loyalty across the globe.

So ask yourself the very important question: “Do you believe in what you are selling?”

Whether you’re in finance, procurement, branding, strategy, marketing, sales or even administration – you are selling an image, or dare I say it, you are a Brand Ambassador for your place of employment. This will in fact remain true for long-term employees even after they leave.

Why? Because whether we (or HR and management) like it or not, how we perceive and portray ourselves is in fact an indirect reflection of our place of employment. This portrayal is more so important for companies who value building brand credibility and maintaining integrity.

Believing in what you are selling – ties in with the ideal that you are an “honest sales person” and that you truly believe and use what you sell. So why wouldn’t someone buy from you?

Companies such as (or rather employees at) Levis, Microsoft and Google – portray a practice what you preach policy. Which in turn, makes all the good they do – count. Seldom do we find a difference in the persona of a brand – “brand ambassadors” that walk the Google-beat day-in, day-out: a prime examples of this.

How do we show people that we are what we preach?

Start with LinkedIn – you’re probably already on it (and if you aren’t, you should be), so whether you’re part of a MNC, pharmaceuticals or even the fashion industry – your profile and YOU need to be all about what you’re selling. After all, you do believe in what you’re peddling, right?

Ianthe Yatawatte

Categories: Branding

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