The first day. When I sat down in the creative department after giving up a
career in banking. The contrast had me numb for days.
The biggest challenge that you’ve overcome in your career so far.
It’s a mind-set called ‘impossible’. Day in and day out we in creative are
given absurd briefs requiring us to do absurd things with retarded
objectives, no proper strategy, no clue as to what people want and of course
blood curdling deadlines. Yet we still deliver. I still deliver. When we
don’t it’s not that it was impossible. It’s just that we give up. The art of
survival is to know, when to give up.

The most fun thing about working in this industry.
The people. We are all mad I love the industry for letting us be that way.
Despite the local industry driving me to suicide every now and then.

A person/icon that you look up to for inspiration in your career, and why.
No one in particular. Everyone in general.

A person/icon that you would like to meet in person, and why.
P!nk. She is a good year younger than me, fearless, outspoken, funny, honest
and driven. I don’t want to meet some old coot who had a whole lifetime to
make a mark. I want to meet someone my age and enjoying success on his/her
own terms. So I will know to push harder. Plus I know we’ll get along fine
and she’ll probably kick me hard in the ***!

Dinesh Perera

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