Case Study: Ceylon Tobacco Company

The Challenge

Ceylon Tobacco Company, acknowledging its position as "a responsible company in a controversial industry" has taken several proactive steps in responding to concerns associated with smoking and its promotion to consumers. Equally, it has initiated ongoing dialogues with all stakeholders and taking note of their views and concerns has proceeded to address these concerns through policy decisions and voluntary actions. Our challenge was to showcase these processes, policies and actions through the publication and launch of their first ever Social Report.

The Strategy

As this was the first year BAT was publishing such a report in selected countries, the challenge was to create a comprehensive, credible and impressive publication, with limited guidelines and previous experience. The Agency worked tirelessly in partnership with the client to conceptualize, structure and design the publication and launch it.

The Results

CTC's publication was the first ever Social Report published by any company in Sri Lanka and it was also the first one published among BAT companies worldwide. This brought high commendation to CTC from BAT and the local corporate sector. The Agency continues to develop other collateral literature, including several publications and videos, communicating the Company's policies and actions in the area of corporate social responsibility.

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