Case Study: Mount Lavinia Hotel Bi-Centennial (2006)

The Challenge

BatesAsia Strategic Alliance was selected as the Advertising & PR Agency for MLH's Bi-Centennial Celebrations programme.

PR & Promotional Programme

Well thought out events in keeping with the brand's world of history, romance and nostalgic style were held throughout the year backed by the development of an advertising style to reflect this positioning. Collateral & promotional material, advertising, events and PR activity were among the work developed and executed by the Agency.

Special celebratory events through the bi-centennial included:

Unveiling of the new logo

An internal launch and long-service awards for staff

A national launch at Aluth Avurudhu with 200 helium carrying vouchers worth 1 million rupees

A retrospective journey on the "Viceroy Special" and the enactment of Lavinia & the Gypsy Dancers entertaining the Governor & guests "Capture the Sunset" invitation to photographers

An invitation to write one's "Memoirs of Mount"

Special F&B items such as "Dancing Lavinia" cocktail based on the legendary beauty

An amateur & professional photography contest to capture the hotel in one's personal style

Case Study: Sri Lankan Airlines

The Challenge

BatesAsia Strategic Alliance was selected as the BTL & PR Agency for SriLankan Airlines at the start of the transition to management by Emirates.

Strategy & Programme

The Agency carried out numerous activities ranging from:

Regular news releases on untold positive stories to overbalance the negative press on the Airline's inevitable punctuality issues

Motivational events for staff & families

PR activities for destination launches

Events - such as the inaugural SriLankan Golf Tournament and an innovative, award-winning website for this

Advocacy on "Sri Lanka as a safe destination", at a decisive time during the on-going war when traffic and tourism was affected, through the development of a unique video to give a perspective "through foreign eyes" of 30 nationalities

Development of collateral material on SriLankan Holidays and Special Interests

Revamping of the "Monara" which has now become highly valued internal communication vehicle

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