Strategic Alliance PR has shown our clients how to get visibility for their corporate and product brands and generate positive news or address negative or competitive issues through credible media coverage. We arrange media releases, interviews in the print and electronic media, factory tours, and media conferences -all of which are done with our professionalism, attention to detail and significant experience. Our team of consultants prepare press kits, ensure venue arrangements, follow up on media attendance and conduct pre-media conference briefings for our clients. A positive message is thus projected with maximum media attention. In addition, our long-standing contacts with editors, journalists and presenters and post-event follow-up ensures that the desired coverage is achieved.

Case Study: SriLankan Airlines

The Challenge

When the national carrier came under private management it was suffering from significant negative publicity with persistent news reports on the Airline's off-loading and infamous punctuality record, with its codename UL being said to stand for "Usually Late". Though a punctuality monitoring system was set up, it was clear that till the new management acquired new aircraft and trained and put in place new crews to meet the Airline's overstretched schedules, the performance on punctuality would not improve significantly.

The Strategy & Programme

Given the reality that the Airline could not remedy its operational problems in the short-haul, the Agency devised a strategy to "overbalance the negatives with positive stories". The Agency sniffed out and generated a steady stream of hitherto untold positive stories in various other aspects of the Airline's activities where significant achievements and positive outcomes had been made.

The Results

These stories on the Airline's modernized new product, its leadership in HRD, its cargo achievements which benefited the nation's exports, etc. ensured that the long-running negative stories were soon replaced with many positive ones in the national media, resulting in an increasingly progressive image for the Airline.

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